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Our Management in Kenya

We would like to introduce to you the members of the management team of Mekaela Academies who stand for the huge success of our institution since its establishment in 1994. Certainly they would never have succeeded, had they not been restlessly supported by the other staff of approx. 160 employees who unfortunately we will not be able to present here.

Eliah Musili, Managing Director
Elijah Musili

Since its establishment in 1994 Elijah Musili has been Managing Director of Mekaela Academies. Through these years he rightfully earned himself the respect and appreciation of parents, their children and the founders alike. One could call him "workaholic", and his behaviour never leaves anything to be desired - unless he is in a football match or hasn't eaten for some time. No doubt we largely owe it to Elijah that  Mekaela Academies have become the best schools of South Coast and of the whole country.

Florence Munke, Head-Teacher of Likunda Primary School
Florence N. Munke

Florence has been with Mekaela Academies since 1997. In 2001, she became Head-Teacher of Likunda Primary School. Florence is one of those "strong, beautiful African women" many African songs are telling stories about. She is one of seven daughters of a Massai family whose father was wise enough to send all his daughters to university. Eventually, most of them became teachers. Florence manages LPS with dedication and competence, and as well as that is raising her two boys.

Abdallah Nyundo, Head_teacher of Manuel Alexander School
Abdallah Nyundo

Abdallah has joined us only recently (means: the last couple of years). His main teaching subject is Kiswahili, but he also possesses a lot of administrative skills. Mainly for that reason he has been promoted to Head-Teacher of Manuel Alexander School in 2012, and he is acting Head-Teacher of Heshima Primary School, too. Abdallah has brought some fresh wind into our schools, and Manuel Alexander School has managed to regain quite some ground on Likunda Primary School since his nomination. 

Anderson Mwero, Principal of Lulu High School
Anderson Mwero

Presently, Anderson is the youngest of all our Head-Teachers. He joined Mekaela Academies only in 2003 and was working as a teacher for German language in the first year, but was promoted to Head-Teacher (Principal) of Lulu High School in 2006. Because LHS is a boarding school, Anderson - like Florence at LPS - is living with his family in a small house on the school compound. Anderson quickly wins over people with his boyish charm, and - goodness me! - he speaks German, too. 

Shadrack Kalisa, Deputy Head Teacher LHS and Farming Expert
Shadrack Kalisa

Shadrack belongs to the new young generation of Mekaela Academies managers. He joined Lulu High School as a teacher in 2005. In just three years he received his promotion as Assistant Administrator of Mekaela Academies. Apart from his excellent qualities as a teacher he is also quite skilled in the field of farming, and he developed the concept for our "Mekaela Farms" project. Consequently he was promoted to Project Manager of Mekaela Farms in 2009.


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